Stock Market-01/2019 1

W wywiadzie numeru Prezes GPW tłumaczy dlaczego warszawska giełda musi podjąć rękawicę w globalnym wyścigu zbrojeń o innowacje technologiczne w sektorze finansowym i dlaczego warto „przestawić giełdową wajchę na growth”.

Dr Sylwester Radomski announces the beginning of a new generational cycle of growth in the Polish stock market. Its peak, echoing the 2007 boom, should occur in 2035, which seems so distant to us...

Why is geopolitical thinking triumphantly re-entering the mainstream today? Does the U.S. really want to cut China off from world trade? And to what extent would the Polish economy be affected? Dr Jacek Bartosiak attempts to answer these and many other burning questions about geostrategic challenges.

The Rialto Hotel on Wilcza Street in Warsaw will be the first and only Nobu lifestyle hotel in our part of Europe. Celebs such as Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert DeNiro himself testify to its quality.